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Environmental Science Students Help Place Oyster Reefs with Town of Hempstead

Posted Date: 04/26/2024

Environmental Science Students Help Place Oyster Reefs with  Town of Hempstead

Dressed in wading boots and waterproof overalls, Wantagh High School students are taking an active role in environmental conservation by participating in an oyster reef restoration project right here in Wantagh. Juniors Rishabh Banerjee, Evelyn Caputo, Krista Dowling, Fiona McQuillan, Hailey O'Brien, and senior Heather Sheridan, under the leadership of science teacher Casey Clark, are engaging in hands-on learning about the critical role oysters play in marine ecosystems, from filtering water to providing habitats for diverse marine life. 

The oyster reefs were placed behind Mandalay Elementary School by the Town of Hempstead to help improve water quality and return oysters to areas where they were once prolific decades ago. Students helped to install a new reef and added 400,000 new baby oysters also called a spat. They also took measurements of the existing reefs which have been in place for several years now and assessed the overall health of those beds by comparing the number of living to dead oysters. 

By participating in this project, students not only contribute to the health of their local waterways but also gain hands-on experience in marine biology, ecology, and environmental science. This involvement not only enhances their educational experience but also fosters a sense of responsibility and stewardship for the natural world, encouraging a new generation to protect and preserve our planet's vital resources.

Oyster Reef Conservation

Oyster Reef Conservation