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Dr. Paul Guzzone, Principal

Dr. Paul Guzzone


Photo of Dr. Paul Guzzone

Dear Warrior Family,

As the proud principal of Wantagh High School, I cannot express how excited and humbled I am to be a partner in leading learning each day. At the core, we recognize that our high school learning community spans beyond the students, faculty, and staff that our building encompasses. It also includes our families, community members, local business owners, and many more. Together, we have a shared responsibility to push the limits of what we know, take risks, make mistakes, get back up, and try again, as that is how true growth and development occurs. It is also how we can best ensure that we continue to be "forward thinking, progressive, and innovative" as well as build learners who are creative, critical thinkers, and problem solvers who are not only ready to provide solutions to burning questions, but more importantly, are prepared to ask the questions that will transform our society and world!
Wantagh High School is a special place, and I look forward to working with each of you to make sure we find the right path for each and every one of our students!


Welcome challenges
Are not afraid of failing 
Recognize, reflect, and learn from mistakes
Remain positive 
Inspire others by taking roads less traveled
Overcome obstacles and barriers
Refuse to say "I can't"
Strive to achieve THEIR personal best


The letter W

Paul M. Guzzone, Ed.D.
Principal | Wantagh High School
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