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Accident & Injuries

Please remind your child of the following:

  • Pupils must promptly inform a staff member if they become ill/injured.
  • Pupils must have permission from a staff member to see the nurse. Also, children must visit the nurse if requested to do so by a staff member.
  • The nurse will assess the illness/injury (and provide proper treatment as necessary).
  • Children may be requested to report back to the nurse for follow-up visit(s).
  • An Accident Report will be filled out for any significant injury.


If your child sustains an injury at school or in a school sponsored activity/sport please follow the following guidelines:

  • All injuries must be reported to the Health Office by the student that day or the next school day, a report of the injury will be taken at that time.
  • Upon request, the Health Office will provide a claim form for the district's insurance carrier. We can only provide a claim form for reported injuries.
  • The school district has a supplemental insurance plan. All expenses must be submitted to your insurance first.


  • A doctor's note is required if your child will be coming to school with any of the items listed above.
  • On the first day back to school, report to the school nurse upon arrival.
  • The nurse, in consultation with the principal, will advise you of special arrangements, program modifications, and/or restrictions.
  • Pupils will not be permitted to participate in physical education classes, recess activities, intramural, or interscholastic activities.
  • A letter from a Physician is required stating when a child may resume the physical activities listed above.
  • Contact the school nurse if your child is unable to attend school (for an extended period of time) due to a serious injury, surgery, rehabilitation, or if your child requires the use of a wheelchair.