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Senior Parking

Senior Parking Reminders

Please understand that senior parking is a privilege and can be taken away due to misconduct or disciplinary action or by not following the rules of senior parking.

Senior parking will be structured on an every other day system following the 1-6 days in the school cycle. If a student has an A tag, they will park on campus odd days in the school cycle. If a student has a B tag, they will park on campus even days in the school cycle. Please plan accordingly when driving to school. Due to the large number of students in the senior class, spots are not guaranteed.

By registering for Wantagh High School Senior parking, you have agreed to the following:

  1. I am a validated senior enrolled in a full schedule of courses.
  2. I have a full, Class D license issued by New York State.
  3. I have a registered and insured car in New York State.
  4. I will operate my vehicle in a safe manner at all times.
  5. I will not exceed 10 MPH in the parking lots on campus.
  6. I will abide by all Wantagh High School rules and policies as outlined in the student handbook.
  7. I will not disturb classes in session anywhere on campus.
  8. I will hang my parking tag from my rear view mirror when I am parked on campus.
  9. I understand that parking is permissible only in assigned STUDENT marked spaces.
  10. If a legal STUDENT space is not available, I must park in a legal spot off school property. I will not park in any non-student marked spots on campus or create illegal spots on campus. I understand I will face disciplinary action for parking illegally on campus.
  11. I understand that I cannot allow any other student to operate my vehicle on school property.
  12. I understand that school disciplinary infractions, cutting class, excessive lateness, and excessive absences will result in the loss of student parking privileges.
  13. I understand that vehicles parked on the school premises are subject to search when officials have reason to believe weapons, drugs, alcohol, or objects prohibited by school policy or state law are contained therein.


If a student is parked in an undesignated spot with a school issued parking tag:
First Offense - Warning
Second Offense- Parking privileges revoked for the remainder of the quarter
Third Offense- Parking privileges revoked for the remained of the year
Fourth Offense-Out of school suspension and further disciplinary action

If a student without a school issued tag is parked on campus:
First Offense- Warning
Second Offense- Student will be ineligible to register for on campus parking
Third Offense- Out of school suspension and further disciplinary action


Please note that parking on Beltagh Avenue, between Wantagh Avenue and Wantagh Parkway is illegal according to Nassau County and the Town of Hempstead Parking Regulations. Beltagh Avenue is clearly marked with street signs that indicate "No Parking at Any Time". You risk receiving a parking summons from the Nassau County Police Department when parking in this area. There is legal parking over the Wantagh Parkway footbridge on Beltagh Avenue. The safety and security of everyone on campus is our priority, so please drive safely.