Virtual Bridge Connects Wantagh Readers

Virtual Bridge Connects Wantagh Readers

Readers of all ages came together in the Wantagh School District to celebrate World Read Aloud Day on Feb. 2. Elementary students were treated to virtual guest readers from Wantagh High School and Wantagh Middle School throughout the day. 

Nearly 40 classes at the district’s three elementary school welcomed the special guests via Google Meet. Readers included middle school and high school students, teachers and administrators. 

Director of Humanities Julie Rosslee said that this has been an annual event since 2019. The goal to create energy and enthusiasm for reading. 

“The highlight of World Read Aloud Day in Wantagh,” she said, “is the excitement shared between older and younger students when the secondary students share the gift of reading aloud to those in the elementary schools. In many instances, the younger learners look up to their older counterparts and appreciate the shared experience centered around the act of reading.”

There were even adult readers, including high school Principal Dr. Paul Guzzone and middle school principal Anthony Ciuffo, who connected with classes at Wantagh Elementary School. Mr. Ciuffo also read to fifth graders at Forest Lake Elementary School, who know him as their former, and soon to be future principal. 

“My students loved being read to by ‘the big kids,’” Forest Lake Elementary School teacher Christine Torrellas said. “They were able to interact with the readers and felt very special talking to high schoolers. The high school students did such a fabulous job reading expressively and asking my students questions about the story. It was a great experience.”