Wantagh Runners Flex Their Fundraising Muscle

Wantagh Runners Flex Their Fundraising Muscle

Wantagh High School’s cross-country team wants everyone to stay healthy and fit. Knowing that some children might face physical limitations to do so, students recently held a fundraiser to help them overcome these challenges.

The cross-country team held a pushup challenge on Dec. 1, which raised $630 for the Limb Kind Foundation. The Long Island-based organization provides prosthetic limbs to children across the world who are unable to afford them. 

Cross-country coach Julie Magnuson said that team members wanted to help children have the same ability to compete as athletes, which is why they chose this organization. The pushup challenge was held afterschool with about 25 students and staff members participating. 

“We thought it was a great way to raise money for kids who need prosthetics,” said junior Katherine Killian, who completed about 50 pushups. 

With 73 pushups, junior Ashlee Favata was one of the top finishers. She enjoyed the event because it promoted physical fitness, generated a lot of school spirit and, most importantly, was for a good cause.