Wantagh High School Physical Eduction Contract

All students, in accordance with New York State Law, are required to take Physical Education for the years they attend Wantagh High School. Regardless of ability, we have planned a program so that a student with the proper attendance, preparation, effort and attitude will have no difficulty succeeding.

Objective of Physical Education: The primary goal of our Physical Education curriculum is to develop a positive attitude towards fitness that will carry over into adulthood. Programs are designed to help students acquire knowledge and awareness of their physical, social, and mental health. The curriculum includes improving one's physical being through daily calisthenics, pre and post physical fitness testing and self-designed fitness programs. Mastery of selected individual sports, cooperative play through team sports, and developing social interactions through co-educational activities are all integral parts of the Physical Education program.


  • Students must be in the locker room when bell rings. Students are allotted five minutes to change and will be marked late if they exceed the time limit
  • Students who are late to class will only be permitted to participate with a pass
  • In accordance with the attendance policy, students are allowed ten (10) unexcused absences in P.E. for the year - more than ten (10) unexcused absences will result in a loss of credit
  • Students are allowed no more than four (4) excused absences per quarter (music lesson, field trip, excused sickness, etc) - after the 4th excused absence the student is required to make up the class to receive credit
  • Students who accumulate three (3) or more unexcused absences in a quarter will lose points from their participation grade
  • Students will be given an opportunity to make up their lost points or missed classes by attending make-up classes at the end of each quarter
  • Students who cut P.E. will not be allowed to make up a class

Participation and Behavior

  • 80% of your physical education grade is based on participation, behavior, attitude and effort
  • Students must actively participate in order to receive full credit for the day. Partial participation will result in a deduction of points
  • Students must respect teachers and classmates. Showing disrespect to a teacher and/or a classmate will result in a deduction of points and possible disciplinary action
  • Inappropriate behavior in the locker room will result in disciplinary action
  • CELL PHONES ARE NOT ALLOWED DURING CLASS - if they are visible during class, participation points will be deducted and disciplinary action will be taken
  • Student who receive OSS or ISS will be given written work in order to receive participation points for the day. Failure to hand in work will result in a zero for participation
  • Students who do not participate in class will not be allowed to participate in interscholastic activities for the day


  • Students are required to dress in appropriate attire consisting of a t-shirt or sweatshirt (no tank tops), athletic shorts or sweats (no short shorts), and athletic sneakers. All students must change for class in order to participate
  • Attire must be appropriate and follow the WHS dress code as outlined in the student handbook
  • ALL jewelry MUST be removed before class
  • Each time a student is unprepared, he/she will lose 5 points off his/her participation grade
  • Students who are unprepared will NOT be allowed to participate in interscholastic activities for that day


  • Students will earn a numeric grade in Physical Education, which will be averaged into their overall GPA.
  • The numerical grade in Physical Education is 80% participation and 20% written assessment which is in the form a quarterly test.
    • Tests are given at the end of each quarter based on the history, rules and regulations of the activities that were studied during the quarter

Locker Room Procedures

  • Students must provide a lock for the P.E. locker. WHS is not responsible for lost or stolen items and it is the students' responsibility to lock their P.E. locker during and after class
  • Students are NOT permitted in locker rooms during the day, except when changing for their Physical Education class
  • All belongings should be locked in the PE locker before and after class. Sharing lockers is NOT permitted


  • A student who may be limited in participation due to a medical condition must provide a detailed note from their doctor which must be submitted to the nurse's office prior to class. The nurse will provide the teacher with a note explaining the injury and length of the medical
  • Doctor's notes MUST be updated on a monthly basis. Notes may be faxed to the school nurse for convenience
  • If a student is medically excused they must still attend their physical education class in order to check in and acquire any written work which must be completed and returned to the physical education teacher for credit
  • Failing to complete and return written assignments will lead to a deduction of participation points for the day

I _____________________________________________________have read the above and

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understand all of the components of this contract. I know what is expected of me to receive a passing grade in Physical Education for this school year and I have discussed this contract with my parent or guardian.

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