PLEASE READ!! Important info about Yearbook content

Please read this very important information regarding Content within the Yearbook!

Yearbook Content

Please know that this yearbook is produced entirely by students on the Yearbook Staff in a learning situation. These students are responsible for layout, copy and picture selection on each page. Consequently, any omissions or errors are purely accidental and are in no way intentional on the part of the yearbook staff, the adviser, WUFSD or the publisher.

Every page is proofread many times before being sent to the publisher.

We sincerely regret any misspelled words, missing punctuation, misspelled or missing names. We also sincerely regret any incorrect or missing photos and offer our apologies to those affected.

You will not hold the yearbook staff, adviser, Walsworth publishing and/or the Wantagh UFSD responsible for any omissions or errors that affect you. You realize that these errors are in no way intentional on the part of the yearbook staff, the adviser, Wantagh UFSD or the publisher.

We reserve the right to change deadlines, omit yearbook options and inclusions (photo submissions), as well as, ad design/content as deemed necessary. Since yearbook creation is fluid it is normal that aspects of our schedule and process shift and change as the year proceeds depending on the needs of our program and students.

Please be patient, flexible and understanding with our process.

Purchasing, signing for and picking up your yearbook is our notification that you agree and accept what you have read here.