Warrior Wellness Club

This club is centered on a non-competitive, social environment and focuses on health and fitness. Some of the activities that would be incorporated include running, dancing, walking, YOGA, flexibility work, light weight training and confidence-boosting activities- all in a fun, up-beat, optimistic atmosphere!

Long -term individual goals will be established and then are worked on each week. Examples may include running a 5k, doing a certain amount of sit-ups and/or pull-ups and learning recipes that incorporate the five food groups (to improve decision making in regards to the "healthy foods."). Students will be a part of the planning and implementation of all activities.

All WHS students are welcome to attend, especially those who would like to be "a part" of a club/team, but may not have the skill set to participate in a competitive nature. We may utilize the track, Wantagh neighborhood (for walks and jogs), a classroom for large group discussions, a computer lab, the weight room and other high school facilities.

- Club Advisor: Mrs. Musacchio


******** Unfortunately, Warrior Wellness is canceled this week because there is no heat in the weight room and the gym space is not able to be used*****

We hope to meet at the end of the month when the heat is back on!