Foreign Congress Dates

At least once a month, Model Congress members have the chance to attend a foreign congress at a participating school. These trips are normally overnight and our students are housed by the parents of Model Congress members in the district. When Wantagh hosts our congress, we hope that our parents will reciprocate the kindness of other districts. Several weeks before a foreign congress, permission slips will be handed out to our students listing the rules of the district they will attend and housing accommodations. Parents' signatures are required for the students to attend.


Available to the event if there are enough students who are

Typically 15-20 students need to attend for bussing to be available.

Foreign Congress Dates 2018-2019

East Meadow: November 4th-5th

Lawrence: December 9th-10th

Long Beach: December 14th-15th

Tri-D @ Wantagh (our congress): January 4th-5th

Herricks: January 11th-12th

Oceanside: January 25th-26th

Hewlett: March 8th-9th

New Rochelle: March 22nd-23rd