General Organization (Student Government)

General Organization (G.O.)

The General Organization oversees various extracurricular organizations and clubs at Wantagh High School by ensuring that fundraising events are appropriate and feasible while attempting to unify our clubs through various means. G.O. spearheads our pep rally, homecoming, spirit week, spirit night, toy drive, food drive, alumni reception, and senior BBQ. Overall, our organization is working toward uniting our clubs and community while promoting spirit and pride.

In order for students to be part of the organization, they must submit an application early in their freshman year, and from there, the G.O. board selects some applicants for an interview. Once accepted to the club, students are expected to remain part of our organization for he entirety of their high school career. We have homeroom together every day in addition to various meetings held after school throughout the year.

G.O. Elected Officers 2018

Presidents: Katie Browne and Melanie Volz
Vice Presidents: Angela Labenberg
Treasurer: Kaitlin Steingruebner
Secretary: Juliet Watstein
Public Relations: Chris Murale and Kyra Orgass