Audio-Visual Club

Wantagh High School AV club is designed to foster a students interest in Audio and Video technology. The club is a homeroom and meets every morning in room 205A. The students range in grade levels from freshman to seniors. There can only be twenty students in the club therefore recruitment starts at the freshman level.

Aspects of the program: The program has been designed around the needs of the Wantagh student. The focus will be on:

  1. Videography:filming of events and special pieces

  2. Video Editing:utilizing the editing software to create a video project

  3. Lighting and Audio techniques: used during media and theater events in the high school

  4. Freelancing:this new component of the program is for the student that would like to participate in projects on a part time basis

  5. Broadcast Engineering: develop the skills of controlling a studio used to broadcast news and community events.