Attendance Policy

Attendance and Cutting Policy

School attendance is basic to any program of education. Students cannot benefit fully from an educational experience if attendance is irregular and absenteeism is frequent. Good grades are dependent upon consistent effort, classroom attendance, and fulfillment of program requirements. Your daily attendance at school is a reflection of your attitude and commitment to obtaining the best possible education in planning your future.

Please note that participation in a co-curricular activity or athletics requires that a student attend school during the day. In the event of a legitimate lateness, you must sign in prior to 9:30 am.


Students will be permitted ten (10) unexcused absences for a semester course and twenty (20) unexcused absences for a full-year course. All school related absences (i.e.: field trips, music lessons, counselor sessions, writing conferences, school-based athletic competitions, music competitions, and educational conferences/programs), will be considered excused absences and not counted in the 10/20 policy. Daily attendance can be viewed on the portal. If a student has a music lesson, guidance appointment, or an in-school pass, they must first report to their classroom teacher to avoid being marked absent. Illness and doctor's appointments will only be considered excused absences if a note from the doctor is submitted to the main office when the student returns to school. Students are allowed up to five (5) excused college visits per year. A college visit will be excused only if the student returns to school with a note from the college or university verifying the official campus visit.

If a student has surpassed the number of allowable unexcused absences in a class, the teacher of that class will no longer accept make up work for a grade. Pending a mandatory parent conference, a student may not be granted academic credit if he or she is absent more than ten (10) times in a semester course or twenty (20) times in a full year course, which will result in a grade of NG on the student's transcript. Students who receive an NG are not eligible to attend a summer review program for credit recovery.


When absent from school for a day or two, the most efficient and effective way to keep up with your studies is to contact your teacher via e-mail and request your assignments. Students will have a set amount of time to make-up and submit any missed assignments or exams. Please make sure to arrange all make-up work with your teacher.


The following procedure must be followed in order to be admitted into school. School begins at 7:37 am. Any student arriving after this time MUST sign in at the desk located in the main lobby prior to 8:15 am. Students will obtain a pass and will not be admitted to class without it. Students arriving after 8:15 am must go to the Main Office to sign in.

Any student who is excessively late to school will be assigned detention or suspension and will be accountable under the following:

  • Students will be warned and parents will be notified after the 8th lateness to school (one time warning only).
  • Every student will receive 2 days of detention for every 10 lates.


There is sufficient passing time, provided students move quickly to their next subject class after the bell. Going to one's locker after each class or using passing time to socialize with friends could result in an unexcused lateness. Five (5) unexcused latenesses will be counted as one (1) cut and will be subject to the Cut Policy. If a student is detained by a staff member, he/she must receive a pass from that teacher.

Any student that arrives 15 minutes into class without a pass will be considered absent/cutting for that period.


Daily class attendance is imperative for success in each subject area and ANY CUTTING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Cutting may lead to a loss of privileges. When a student's absence is determined to be a cut, the classroom teacher will register a grade of zero for any assessment given during the lesson and may refuse to allow make-up activity for the cut.

All cuts will be reported to the Assistant Principal's office. In addition to the above, the following procedures will be followed:

Semester Course

Cut 1 2 days Detention, Parent notified
Cut 2 2 days Detention, Privileges Denied List, Parental Conference with the Assistant Principal and Guidance Counselor
Cut 3 In School Suspension, Privileges Denied List, Parental Conference with the Assistant Principal and Guidance Counselor

Full Year Course

Cut 1 2 days Detention, Parent notified
Cut 2-4 2 days Detention, Privileges Denied List, Parent notified
Cut 5 2 days Detention, Privileges Denied List, Parental Conference with the Assistant Principal and Guidance Counselor
Cut 6 In School Suspension, Privileges Denied List, Parental Conference with the Assistant Principal and Guidance Counselor

In the event students are assigned detention, they are to report to the Detention Room (Room 135) during scheduled detention hours.

Each detention will be ONE hour and can be served:

  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 2:20 pm - 3:20 pm (AFTER SCHOOL)

  • Friday 6:30 - 7:30 am (BEFORE SCHOOL)


All 9th grade students must eat in the freshman cafeteria and are not allowed to leave the school for lunch.

Students in 10th and 11th grade may only go out to lunch after the Out to Lunch form has been completed by their parent or guardian and returned. All 12th grade students may go out to lunch if they are in good standing within the school. If a student goes out to lunch and is late to their next class or fails to return for classes, the regular Late to Class and Cut Policy will be in effect. If students are excessively late returning from lunch, they will lose their Out to Lunch privileges.

No student is permitted to leave school during an assigned Study Hall. Students must remain in their assigned study hall for the entire period.

Homeroom provides a brief period of time to conduct the morning exercises and it is considered a class period. All students must be present in their specifically assigned homeroom. If a student fails to attend their homeroom period, the Cut Policy will be in effect.